Plymouth Area Property Management & Construction is a full service construction and property management firm servicing the South Shore and Cape Cod. With over two decades of building and managing properties on the South Shore, we have earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship and reliable service, allowing our clients an unparalleled level of confidence that their property is soundly built and safely managed.

Our central location in Plymouth means that we can quickly and easily respond to any concerns from Braintree to Provincetown and everything in between.

Our Property Management branch is broken down into two divisions, Annual Leases and Vacation Rentals.Our Annual Lease division is made up of several single family, duplex and multi family homes. We offer a wide variety of management options based upon the needs of the property owner.

Our Vacation Rental division is mostly comprised of oceanfront homes and cottages. A tremendous secondary income for the homeowner and a more intimate alternative for the tenant, vacation rentals have become a popular alternative for vacationers looking for more space and privacy than your typical hotel can offer.

Our Construction division has been building and renovating homes on the South Shore since the early 1990’s. From window replacements to finished basements to building your dream home, Plymouth Area Property Management & Construction is skilled in licensed in all aspects of the construction field. Whatever your project, we have the experience to get the job done properly, on time and on budget.